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Pressure and temperatures produced when a cavitation bubble collapses.

Pressures – 108PA = 1,000,000,000 PA
1Billion PA = 145,038 PSI
                   109PA = 10,000,000,000 PA
                   10Billion PA = 145,038,000,000 PSI

Temperatures – 103K = 10,000 K
                           10,0000 K = 17,540.30 F
                           104K = 100,000 K
                           100,0000 K = 179,540 F

The Waterjet “bullet,” created in the prototype, is modeled after the waterjet produced when the Pistol Shrimp “fires” his special claw. Each firing of a waterjet at the correct speed and spin rate creates a cavitation vacuum bubble in its wake.

When the vacuum bubble collapses repeat at the optimal frequency, the pressures and temperatures noted above are manifested upon each bubble collapse to cause a cumulative heating effect of the surrounding water, which when heated sufficiently create a steam head to form which can be used to power a steam-electric alternator set to make virtually free energy for use with devices requiring electrical power input.

See a video of the collapsing vacuum bubble at:
Pistol Shrimp Vaporizes Water with a Punch [HD]

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