An effective counter-measure available for the protection of one of the most expensive personal investments, an automobile.

BLATS also functions on Tractor-trailer rigs, heavy construction equipment, aircraft and railroad cars.

Confidence is assured in the fact that, when BLATS is engaged, a vehicle will remain exactly where it was parked.

BLATS is an acronym for Brake Lock Anti Theft System.

BLATS works on both Automatic and Standard Transmissions

The Following categories of vehicles are excellent candidates for application of BLATS Technology.

1. Cars   4. Heavy Construction Equipment
2. Pick-up Trucks   5. Aircraft
3. Tractor-Trailers   6. Rail road cars

BLATS always causes a 'locked wheels' condition when activated.

BLATS can be engaged in two (2) modes:

  1. ER-Mode, (Engine Running-Mode);
           Wheels Locked, Engine running, Starter Blocked.
  2. FB-Mode, (Fully BLATS'd- Mode);
           Wheels Locked, Engine-Fuel + Starter Blocked.

BLATS in FB-Mode causes the following actions to occur upon activation:

1.  All braking wheels are LOCKED and cannot roll.
2.  The engine fuel supply is electronically cut-off, preventing engine operation.
3.  Starter-motor controls are electronically cut-off, preventing starter operation.
   Fully BLATS'd Mode          Vehicles With Automatic Transmissions.
1. STOP   Bring vehicle to a complete Stop.
2. PARK   Place Transmission Shift Lever in 'Park'
3. BRAKE   Depress Brake Pedal; apply BLATS wheel-lock brake pressure and hold.
4. IGN OFF   Turn Ignition key to 'OFF/LOCK.'
5. EXIT   Exit vehicle.
6. ENGAGE   Engage Burglar Alarm System.

Can also be configured for “Passive Engagement”

BLATS 'Active Engagement' Locked Wheels With Engine Running.
  Vehicles With Automatic Transmissions.
1. STOP   Bring vehicle to a complete Stop.
2. PARK   Place Transmission Shift Lever in 'Park'
3. BRAKE   Depress Brake Pedal; apply BLATS wheel-lock pressure and hold.
4. ACTIVATE   Depress BLATS – “ER-Mode” Pushbutton
5. EXIT   Exit vehicle.
6. ENGAGE   Engage Burglar Alarm System.

BLATS is capable of being seamlessly combined with virtually any existing anti theft technology.

The following comprehensive anti-theft system description, demonstrates the tremendous advantage that BLATS technology can provide to existing burglar-alarm type anti theft systems.

A BLATS comprehensive anti theft system, such as that outlined below, can provide the ultimate answer to the problem of anti-theft protection and peace of mind.


Applicable to: Aircraft, Cars, Pick-up Trucks, Semi-Tractors & Trailers,
Heavy Construction Equipment, & Rail Road Cars.

 Comprehensive (Anti Theft System) Sub-System itemization:

 1.   BLATS.
 2.   Global Positioning and Tracking System. (GPS)
 3.   Telephone Communications.
 4.   Data Fax.
 5.   Burglar Alarm.

The following page outlines how this system would function and drastically reduce America's theft 'problem'.


System Function Description Outline

1. System engaged.

2. Theft/Tamper attempt begins.

3. Burglar alarm system responds and verifies unauthorized vehicle access attempt is in progress.

4. BLATS anti theft integrated protection system computer receives event data input and verifies actuality of a bonafide theft/tamper event.

5. All required information is transmitted, to a police information center closest to the event.

6. A police response team can be dispatched to the crime scene knowing that the vehicle has not been moved because BLATS maintains a locked wheels condition.

Arrest probability of vehicle theft criminal suspect(s), is very high, when police can be provided with real-time event data about an in-progress vehicle theft attempt.

The following itemization highlights some of the information that can be provided to police dispatch control center or mobile unit closest to the vehicle transmitting theft/break-in event data.

Vehicle /Owner Details Event Checklist Data Logged
1. Name of Registered Owner 1. Proximity Intrusion Time/Sequence
2. Registry Jurisdiction 2. Glass Breakage Time/Sequence
3. VIN/Tag Number 3. Door Opened Time/Sequence
4. Vehicle Manufacturer 4. Engine Start Attempt Time/Sequence
5. Year of Manufacture 5. Hood/Trunk Opened Time/Sequence
6. Model 6. Starter Run Time/Sequence
7. Colors, Outside/Inside 7. Shift Lever Moved Time/Sequence
  8. Vehicle angle change Time/Sequence

Elements of Vehicle Physical Location identified in fax transmission or real-time computer link to police dispatch control center or mobile unit:

1. State 4. Street
2. County 5. Nearest House or Building Address
3. City/Town 6. Global Coordinate Grid Position within 3 feet.

(A)   All of the above features are provided to police over pre-existing communications systems.
(B)     There are no territorial restrictions preventing,
       (1)      BLATS anti theft protection, and
       (2)      Data link to police response control centers anywhere in America.