It is the AIR!

The AIR can be economically manipulated to generate all electricity requirements!!

WATER can be extracted from AIR, anywhere on Earth.

AIR can be compressed over and over — forever!!

AIR compression does NOT alter the chemistry of AIR.

AIR compression does NOT consume the AIR.

AIR is heated by the SUN … for free!!

AIR is a storage medium for SOLAR HEAT.

HEAT is the ENERGY that drives ALL mechanical power machines.

HEAT, radiated into the
AIR by the SUN, is FREE for the taking!!

AIR COMPRESSION makes the FREE ENERGY (HEAT) stored in the 5.5 QUADRILLION TONS OF AIR surrounding the Earth available anywhere, anytime. (5.5 Quadrillion = 5,500,000,000,000,000,000).

Pistol Shrimp demonstrates a cycle that can be employed to use the compressed AIR in a storage tank to keep the storage tank full of compressed AIR without running a mechanical compressor pump. (Self-refilling Compressed Air Tank).
  Note: An external source of energy is required for the first filling of the compressed AIR storage tank. (Bicycle tire pump, foot pump, compressor pump, etc.).

An external supplemental HEAT source, which adds energy (HEAT) to the heat already contained in the compressed AIR inside a compressed AIR storage tank, can effectively increase the work energy contained in the storage tank’s compressed AIR, by a factor of at least 2. (Double the power). Supplemental heat, generated by coal, was effectively used in German compressed AIR locomotives over 60 years ago to increase the work energy of a tank full of compressed air by a coefficient of performance (COP) factor of 300%.

Supplemental heat can be added to the compressed air storage tank by burning the volatile gas (Brown’s Gas) generated by electrolysis of WATER!! On demand. No volatile gas storage required.

Thousands of BTUs of supplemental HEAT energy can be generated by burning Brown’s Gas, for many hours, from a gallon of WATER!! And the best part is that water can be distilled right out of . . .  you guessed it . . . the AIR!!

Brown’s Gas can be used in a heat energy amplification process, discovered by
Dr. Irving Langmuir in 1912, to magnify the supplemental heat energy available from the simple combustion of the gas produced by electrolysis of water.

Burning Brown’s Gas from water electrolysis, and then amplifying that heat with the
Langmuir process can increase the work energy harvested from a tank of compressed AIR to Coefficient of Performance levels much greater than COPs attained over 60 years ago in Europe.



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