Compressed air's inherent productivity is made evident by these facts:
  * Air is everywhere.
  * Approximately 5.148 Quadrillion tons of air encircles the planet.  More mass than all of the water on the planet.
  * Air contains huge quantities of solar heat energy.
  * Every particle of matter comprising the air has been heated by the Sun from absolute zero (~  -461ºF) to ambient air temperature.
At a temperature of +40ºF,  every particle of matter in the air contains ~ 500ºF solar heat energy.  An enormous amount of heat energy.  That heat energy is being constantly replenished by the Sun, perpetually (as far as we are concerned).
  * Compressing air is a simple process that makes its internal energy (solar heat) usable without altering the air chemically.
  * Compressing air requires no thermodynamic conversions or changes of state, eliminating wasteful steps.
  * The energy expended compressing air takes the form of heat.  Heat is air motor fuel.   The heat expended in compression can be collected and retained inside the compressed air storage tank for air motor productivity enhancement.

The ultimate secret of compressed air is that to create an enhanced state of productivity for operation of a pneumatic power plant, all that is required is to:

      (1)  make the most of the energy contained in expanding air, and
      (2 )  harvest all of the "heat of compression" that can possibly be re-claimed.

To state that the act of compression gives compressed air the ability to do work is like saying that the work energy expended to build a dam gives water the ability to generate electricity with a turbine; or that constructing an array of solar collector panels gives the Sun the ability to produce light.   Are we to believe that as soon as the hydropower turbines produce an amount of electrical power equal to the work energy power required to build the dam and the turbines, that the generators will cease to function?

It would be a falsity to profess that the work energy expended to compress air creates the total ability of compressed air to manifest mechanical work energy.


In the example of the dam, the energy input which was made manifest in work energy by the concentrated fluid, is a consequence, scientifically speaking, of the existence of the Sun and its energy, freely supplied to those fluids.


The construction of, and the work completed by an air compressor, like that of the hydro-electric dam and all of the work energy expended in order to build it, is an incidental investment — which is a very economical consideration or hardware cost — and plays no part in the enormous return in work energy that can be harvested because of that initial investment.

Where does compressed air’s energy come from? — the usable energy available from a tank full of room temperature compressed air is the same energy that was in the atmosphere before the air was stuffed into the tank.

  — The SUN put the energy in the air!
  — The work of compression concentrated the Sun's heat energy, already present in the air before compression.
  — The energy used to compress the air, was converted to an equivalent amount of heat that eventually escaped into the atmosphere.
  — All of the heat energy pumped from the atmosphere into the compressed air tank, now at a higher pressure, can be used to produce useful work energy, even though none of the energy expended to compress the air resides in the compressed air tank in any form.
  — Capturing the energy used in compression, as it is converted from electricity into heat, and storing that additional heat energy inside the compressed air tank, will ADD to the productivity of the compressed air.