“[A]brupt motion of matter is a vacuum energy activator.”
   In effect, a pulsing of the vortices in the vacuum.
  See Moray B. King, The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray; Zero-Point Energy and Pulsed Physics, p. 99. See also p. 103.  See also, Joseph P. Farrell, SS Brotherhood of the Bell; The Nazis’ Incredible Secret Technology, p. 253.
  “Abrupt motion of matter,” can be caused by:
  1.  Pistol Shrimp Claw
  2.  Fuel explosion in combustion/compression chamber
  3.  Propeller Blades
  4.  Pulsejet Engine
  5.  Acoustic Vibrations
    a. “Tibetan Bowl” (generates Brown’s Gas)
          [watch video here]
    b. Piezoelectric Transducer
  6. Acoustic Amplification Factors
    a. Waveguide (Pyramid, Cone, Tuba, Speaker-cone)
    b. Parabolic Dish (Capture-focus)
    c. Resonance
    d. Harmonics
    e. Interference Zones
    f. Non-linear Materials (non-metal)

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