1. Small size
  1.1. Fits a container 18" square x 6" Thick
  1.2. Weight approximately 60 lbs.
2. Few major motor-generator-system elements:
  2.1. Exhaust Casing
  2.2. Rotor Track Torus
  2.3. Rotor Assembly
  2.4. Nozzles
  2.5. Compressed Air Inlet Control Valve
  2.6. Electrical Power Inductor Rodin Coils
  2.7. Electrical Power Output Controls
  2.8. Air Compressor with Equalizer
3. Primary mechanical function generates electricity.
    3.1.1. When the air-motor Rotor spins, electricity is generated by direct rotor inductor coils interaction.
4. New electrical generator configuration.
  4.1. Armature Magnets (rotor) pass through the center-hole of each inductor coil, allowing 100% interaction of the magnetic lines of flux of each rotor magnet with each inductor coil.
5. Each single rotor air-motor-generator operates with only one (1) moving part.
  5.1. Rotor assembly, composed of:
    5.1.1. Ring magnets, with radial magnetization, (best orientation of the magnetic lines of flux for interacting with the inductor coils).
    5.1.2. Spacer-Blades: for separation of the alternating polarity magnetic fields of the magnets, and for interaction with the nozzle jets of compressed air for power propulsion.